Have you ever met someone that you just knew you were destined to meet? Someone that no matter what path you took, your two worlds would’ve crossed paths. Maybe a significant other, maybe a friend, or maybe even a sibling. I have someone like this in my life, she’s my best friend and we’ve been through so much together since 2018.

We met right after I turned 17, she was a year older and just graduated high school. We both went to the same high school yet never knew each other, and eventually we met through a friend of a friend in an empty parking lot, on a random summer night. We talked for a while and clicked right away. She had told me she was going to sleep in her car so he could stay out late and not get in trouble, as teenagers do. I, being a very lucky teenage girl, had a whole empty house to myself that I was staying in until my parents could sell it, so I asked her if she wanted to sleepover. She agreed, and the rest is history.

Most of what I am going to be writing about will be the true, and never fully told before account of the craziest times of my life. While these things were happening it felt like I was living a double life, people I never expected to know were the closest to me, and the things we did were heard about through half true stories told down to them like a fairytale. None of my other friends, my parents, or anybody else knew about what I got involved in, by day I was a regular 17 year old girl, and by night I was a basically a freelance criminal. For privacy (and some legal) reasons I will be changing the names of the people in these stories.

Now let’s start with the night it all began, I’ve already told you about how we met, so we’re gonna skip ahead to the first time she came over. It started with the four of us. Me and three other girls, my best friend who we will call Serena, Jenna, and Emily.

We all went to the same high school but just now became friends. We were back at my house, Jenna and I had decided to mix some vodka into our Gatorade's. We couldn’t stop dancing or screaming we were just having a really great time, so we decided to hit the streets again, at 1 in the morning. We headed back to the parking lot we had just met in and met up with Serena’s friend Caleb, we blasted our music and danced on bus stops, Jenna and I tipsy and very underage.

We had fun, until a cop car came right up to us. Apparently he had heard some screaming from girls and came to check it out, he was right and it was us creating the noise. This was the first time I really witnessed the influence Serena could have on people, she could talk her way through almost anything, and that’s exactly what she did with this cop.

The cop asked if we were alright and Serena jumped in right away, she told the cop we were alright and just having a good time doing some late night dancing, never once turning her music down or hiding our spiked drinks, then proceeded to ask the cop to come and dance with us. He laughed but ultimately said no only because he was on duty, and just as he was about to pull out of the parking lot someone sped through the intersection and he pulled out and chased them down, we all saw it and Serena got us all screaming and cheering for this cop.

He had passed us again, but we didn’t converse with a cop again that night. Little did I know this was just the beginning, not only of a very long night, but an insane next few years.

I’m a 19 year old girl from Canada trying to tell some of my stories